Greedy Beesquito 

and the

Alphabet Jumbimals

‘This is absolutely charming. I’m sure kids will love the Greedy Beesquito’s adventure and the way the story’s words roll off the tongue. Of course, the illustrations are glorious and very witty. Good luck with Greedy Beesquito and the Alphabet Jumbimals. It was an honour to have a first glance.’


Gail Bowen, Author and Playwright, Regina, Saskatchewan



‘I bought this sweet Alphabet book today! My “sisters” Monica and Susan wrote this fun alphabet story book. Some jumbled animals and naughty Beesquito steals their weird snacks. Literacy .. from the beginning letter sounds of animals and a corresponding adjective to a repetitive chorus that children will love. I can see letter identification and sounds cemented with these memorable characters. Monica painted the animals and Sue wrote the story. There is a card game you can order as well.

Check out’


Carolyn Mcintyre, Retired Teacher, Ottawa, Ontario