Greedy Beesquito 

and the

Alphabet Jumbimals

Book cover - Greedy Beesquito and the Al

Children’s picture book – 36 pages
Ages 3 to 8


This humorous alphabet story follows Beesquito’s flight past the alphabet jumbimals (jumbled animals) and Beesquito’s penchant for snatching their food.


I sister Susan Smith Brazill wrote the story – she may likely be as crazy as I am. I did all the illustrations. We were pretty excited about our adventure together creating this fantasy world.


On the pages representing G and H we witness Beesquito slurping on slippery noodles with stinky anchovies and mini jelly beans. Gertrude the gracious Haredinal (Hare and Cardinal jumbimal) reluctantly shares her noodle bowl. 


Wait until you see Ophelia the Puffaroo and baby Proo (Puffin and Kangaroo jumbimal) and Morton the Numbomodo (Numbat and Komodo dragon jumbimal). The protagonist of our story is also a jumbimal – Bee and Mosquito. Beesquito may never snatch food again.


BUZZ Our book is dedicated to our incredible wonderful and creative mom, Madeleine Irene Smith. 

Monica Jean Smith


Beesquito was gazing into the starry night
and wondered if there was anybody out there.
Out of the quintillions of planets, Beesquito dreamed of Mars.
To boldly go where no Beesquito has gone before.

Encouraged by the Perserverance videos BQ

goes on an adventure that is outta this world.

You are going to love it.